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"We're on a mission to give every student a voice."

- Julia Rhodes, Founder.

It all started in the classroom.

After 14 years of teaching, our founder Julia Rhodes was fed up with low quality dry erase products. They drained her bank account, smelled up her classroom, and worst of all, they constantly needed to be replaced. One evening, while Julia was wiping down her dirty whiteboards, she had her aha moment. Dry erase products in the classroom can and should be better! That’s when Mrs Rhodes took early retirement and invested in her dry erase dreams. She has now gone on to invent an entire line of helpful, kid-friendly classroom tools that give every student a voice in the classroom. As Julia always says, “I understand teachers, because I was a teacher. What little money we receive, needs to go to products that will not only make an impact, but last for years to come. That’s why I started KleenSlate.”

As our mission grows, so does KleenSlate. Our whiteboards can be spotted all over the world, from schools in El Salvador to hospitals in Ghana. We intend to improve education around the wrold, create a better future for the next generation, and help everyone find their voice. Join us on our mission! 
The Whiteboards

The Whiteboards

We gave dirty old whiteboards a facelift. Handheld and totally customizable. Check. Snap-in marker with eraser cap? You bet. Oh, and just to add convenience and easy cleanup, we added a Microfiber cloth hooked directly onto the handle. You’re welcome. I know what you’re thinking, how in Dumbledore’s name can a whiteboard be completely customizable? No magic spells required. With our new dry erase sleeve, students can simply slide any worksheet into their whiteboard, grab the marker, and start their lesson. BOOM, it's that easy! They also come in 6 different colors with over 100 free downloadable worksheets and growing. Plain and simple, these are the best student whiteboards ever made.

The Markers

The Markers

Say goodbye to the smelly and weak markers of yesterday. KleenSlate markers are the superheroes of the dry erase world. These bad boys are certified non-toxic, low odor, and come with an eraser cap at the end of each marker to wipe away mistakes. Then there' are the pen points. Every teacher has students that like to smash their markers into the whiteboards, thus destroying the tip and wasting ink. Those days our over. Our markers were designed specifically for the most rambunctious children, with durable pen points that don't push in. Hey, it pays to be teacher invented.

The Accessories

The Accessories

You never have to throw away a KleenSlate board! For a fraction of the cost of replacing your whole board, we have peel-n-stick replacement surfaces and dry erase sleeves that will make your whiteboards shiny and new. We also have several other products to save teacher's time like our magnetic clips, attachable microfiber cloths, and multicolor markers just to name a few. We look forward to being in your classroom for years to come.

Kleenslate's Exclusive License

KleenSlate has the exclusive license for PATENT: US 9,381,768 Hand Held Whiteboard. Any questions concerning this or more information please contact julia@kleenslate.com.

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