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GEI Seal of Endorsement!

Since we began KleenSlate, one of our proudest slogans has been, “Invented by a Teacher, for Teachers.” Being a teacher invented company has its advantages. Mainly, we know the problems that teachers face and the solutions they need. For this reason, earning an endorsement from Global ...

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5 Ways KleenSlate Improves the Classroom

How can KleenSlate improve my classroom you ask? 1. Increased engagement Just walk into any classroom using our hand held whiteboards and you will see right away that everyone is engaged. Because we put a handle on a our whiteboards the students are able to easily hold up their answer. Kids ...

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Top 4 Reasons KleenSlate is the Best!

What makes KleenSlate’s hand held whiteboards so much better than standard boards? 1. KleenSlate’s hand held, double sided whiteboards with snap-in marker & eraser are all-inclusive. Having the marker with eraser snap into the handle makes it so easy to hand out or pick up in class ...

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Do you use Small Groups?

Let’s face it, group work is crucial to student learning! When students are able to verbalize and share their ideas in smaller groups, it makes learning more intimate and engaging. It also gives offers more opportunities for students to share their answers and get valuable feedback. This type ...

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Template Tuesday! Periodic Table of Elements

Okay, Science Teachers. We hear you loud and clear. You want more templates! This Template Tuesday we are posting KleenSlate’s Periodical Table Template for all you science teachers that are using our handheld whiteboards to increase engagement in your classrooms. Having a ...

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Template Tuesdays! FREE My Plate Template

It’s important for kids to understand nutrition. Like why in the heck is my mother always to shove Broccoli down my throat? Why can’t I just eat pizza for every meal of the day? Teaching kids the importance of nutrition empowers kids to make good food choices. KleenSlate’s My Plate Template is...

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Vocabulary Building Fun!

Here is a fun, engaging way that teachers can use KleenSlate Whiteboards to build vocabulary across the curriculum.  We call this activity: “Guess Which Word?” Write a list of 10 words on the whiteboard or chalkboard at the front of the classroom. Alternatively you may ...

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Practicing Math

Are you looking for ways to make math skills practice more engaging and fun? KleenSlate’s Student Whiteboards not only make practice fun for students, using them provides instant feedback for both students and teachers. This quick response method allows the teacher to know when to ...

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KleenSlate’s Daily Numbers

New York State has a Lottery game called Daily Numbers. Jane Lytle, a third grade teacher in Syracuse, decided to use a lottery theme in her morning  “bell-ringer” activity. The owner of a local store provided a Daily Numbers sign to hang above the chart on which she posted the ...

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