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5 Ways KleenSlate Improves the Classroom

How can KleenSlate improve my classroom you ask?

1. Increased engagement Just walk into any classroom using our hand held whiteboards and you will see right away that everyone is engaged. Because we put a handle on a our whiteboards the students are able to easily hold up their answer. Kids LOVE them! the colorful paddles make the learning process more fun for students while simultaneously hitting all the learning styles.

2. Increased efficiency Our all inclusive whiteboards are extremely efficient tools for formative assessment. Not only is it faster and easier for students to answer questions and move through curriculum, but it’s also faster to hand out and pick up. Having the marker with eraser attached directly into the whiteboard made it so there was only one thing to pass out and pick up.

Teachers rave about all the time our whiteboards save them as well as how much faster they are able to move through their lesson plans.

3. Improved retention Students retain more information when they are engaged and actively working through problems. Daily use of individual student whiteboards for formative assessment has been proven to improve test scores, and KleenSlate’s hand-held, customizable whiteboards are the best of the best. The only all inclusive whiteboards designed specifically to improve the classroom. If you are using whiteboards in your classroom then you owe it to yourself and your students to get the best tool for the job.

4. Saves Paper Using whiteboards can dramatically reduce the amount of paper wasted in the classroom, and our new customizable whiteboards allows teachers to re-use worksheets over and over. No more graph paper and simple in class work thrown away in the trash. No more wasted ink printing the same things over and over.

5. Saves Money Not only will our whiteboards save money on paper and ink, they also outlast other dry erase products in the classroom. We designed our markers so the pen points don’t push in, so they won’t be cushed by an enthusiastic 2ed grader. The markers also have an extra large ink cartage containing 1.6 grams of non-toxic, low-odor ink. Our markers with eraser caps will outlast and outperform other markers in the classroom so you don’t have to buy new markers every month. On average teachers go through about 2 markers per student every year, so you will save money on markers too. Lastly, unlike other whiteboards that end up in a trash can, We designed replacement parts to keep your boards like new forever. Our peel-n-stick replacement surfaces and replacement sleeves will keep any damaged board out of the garbage for a fraction of the cost of buying a whole new whiteboard.


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