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6 ways to use kleenslate whiteboards in the car!

KleenSlate Whiteboards can promote cooperative kids and happy parents in the family car. Here are some tips for using whiteboards in the car:

Kleenslate whiteboards

First, keep at least one whiteboards for every seat belt. Also keep extra KleenSlate markers and a micro-fiber cloth for erasing. Write your children’s names in permanent marker on the handle of each whiteboard and label a couple “Guest.” Most mini-vans and SUVs have pockets on the back of front seats where whiteboards can be stored.

Here are 6 ways to use whiteboards in the car.

  1. Play games, including hangman, tic-tac-toe, twenty questions, or pictionary
  2. Use Whiteboards to practice math facts or spelling words while Mom is running errands.
  3. Have kids draw a floor plan of their bedrooms or the family home. Draw a map from home to school or from home to the current destination.
  4. On longer trips, enforce a 15-minute quiet time to give the driver a break and tell the kids to communicate in writing using their KleenSlate Whiteboards
  5. When stopping at fast food restaurants, have everyone write his/her order on the whiteboard before the stop. You don’t have to remember each order and the children can be taken to a play area to release pent up energy.
  6. When bickering starts, tell the kids the argument can continue only IF they WRITE back and forth to one another. [HINT: make the ground rule that there will be no name calling]

Take a KleenSlate Response Whiteboard for a ride. They make car trips fun.


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