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Do you use Small Groups?

Student slate in small group

Let’s face it, group work is crucial to student learning! When students are able to verbalize and share their ideas in smaller groups, it makes learning more intimate and engaging. It also gives offers more opportunities for students to share their answers and get valuable feedback. This type of learning not only gives students more confidence, but offers a chance to improve a student’s

Do you use small groups in your classroom?

Using student whiteboards in small groups is a great way to facilitate fun interaction. With a whiteboard in hand, kids will have problem sharing their answers with the group. Once they are comfortable holding up their answers, feedback and discussion is the logical next step! PS – Need an easy way to separate your kids into groups? KleenSlate Whiteboards come in six different colors! The whiteboards are also an easy way for kids to share their ideas with each other in a fun and engaging way. Write, respond, share! Small groups has never been more fun :)


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