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1. How do I clean my whiteboards?

Click HERE to see a video on Mantenance and care for you Kleenslate Whiteboards.

One of the best things about KleenSlate’s whiteboards is that they are hand-held, durable and very easy to care for. Our attachable erasers work great for erasing. However, by the end of the day, the board might be a bit cloudy with smudges, and by the end of the year a well-used board may even look a bit dingy. The good news is that the KleenSlate boards can be easily cleaned or restored.

  • To clean your whiteboards simply use a microfiber cloth included with your paddles.
  • For harder to clean surfaces add a small amount of soap to water to create a simple solution for the microfiber cloth to wipe clean. We have also found that when all else fails, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will come through every time.
  • Avoid commercial cleaning solutions & sprays on whiteboards because the chemicals in these products will slowly deteriorate the surface of any whiteboard.
  • Using soap and water or a non-chemical cleaner prolongs the life of dry erase surfaces, saves money, and is environmentally friendly.
  • When dry-erase ink is left too long on the whiteboard, it becomes more difficult to erase and even permanent.
  • Use a KleenSlate Dry Erase Marker to write over the top of the old marks. Let the ink dry fully and then erase. Repeat if needed.

2. What if the surface is damaged or stained beyond cleaning?

Don’t Worry! You can purchase replacement parts like peel-n-stick dry erase surfaces, peel-n-stick dry erase sleeves, replacement markers and more to keep your whiteboards looking new and extend the life of your boards for years! Care and maintenance of KleenSlate’s Whiteboards is easy and economical because our products were invented by a teacher and made to hold up to the everyday use in the classroom.

3. How soon will I get my order?

We ship within 1-3 business days if not sooner.

4. What if the whiteboard arrives damaged?

Just call or email us and we will send you a return tag for damaged board and send you out a new one.

5. What is the return policy?

If there are any problems, contact us and we will take care of you.

6. What makes KleenSlate markers better than the competition?

Our felt tips don’t push back up into the barrel of the markers, they have an eraser and we buy our inks from the UK and track every batch of ink that goes in our marker. We make sure they are non-toxic and low odor and that they conform to CPSIA and ASTM D4236.The tracking code is on the barrel so if there is a problem, we want to hear about it right away. We also put 1.6gms of ink in every marker so they will last longer than the competition. KleenSlate markers have been tested to write for up to 440 meters.

7.What should I do if my marker doesn’t write or appears to have dried up?

The shelf life of the markers when just storing them is 12 months. If the markers have been used daily they will write up to 440 meters. If you accidently leave the cap off and it is within a couple hours, just recap the marker and stand it on eraser end. If there is any ink still in the barrel, it will drain back to the felt point and you can get more writing time.

8. Is there a time limit on returning products?

Return within 30 days of receipt any unused product.

9. Can you replace the surface on the whiteboards?

We know dry erase surfaces are not made to last forever so we created replacement surfaces. Just peel and stick new surface over old surface and good as new. See our video if you need help.

10. How do I remove stains on my whiteboards?

For harder to clean surfaces add a small amount of soap to water to create a simple solution for the microfiber cloth to wipe clean. We have also found that when all else fails a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will come through every time.

11. Who do I contact if I have a question?

Customer Care Center. 209.588.0375 or Shelly@kleenslate.com

12. What is the benefit of KleenSlate’s customizable whiteboard?

With a clear dry erase sleeve you can change out the worksheets, subject matter, graphic organizers and even make your own. Add to that, 6 colorful paddles, and classroom management, differentiated teaching, whole class, small groups and individual needs are easy to address and implement.


13. How long does it take to ship my order?

We usually ship within 2 days of receiving the order

Depends on where you live. We use USPS and Fed Ex as our shippers. If you need your products sooner there is a place when you check out to request faster shipping.


15. How do I know this will increase child engagement? Do you have any data that justifies this claim?

Response Modes: Paddles or Response Cards that are simultaneously held up by all students that indicate an answer and entails active participation by all students.

KleenSlate dry erase Paddles vs. Traditional Hand Raising

All students scored higher on the end of unit tests. Source: Hewett, Gardner, Courson, Grassi, and Barbetta, Teaching Exceptional Children, 1996

16. Do you accept PO’s? Yes. Fax, mail or e-mail the Official Purchase Order issued by your purchasing Department. We also and offer Bulk Pricing and volume discounts

17. Do I have to purchase one for every child in the class?

We recommend every student have a voice in the class. It is the only product that has every student raising their hand with an answer. With versatile options to use them in any subject with any age and the students engagement when using them, you will want one for every student.

18. Are all the graphic organizers free on the website?

We have set up a tab for free graphic organizers that teachers have requested and we like to give back and share them with other teachers. We also have packets of Graphic Organizers that you can purchase. If you buy a class set of paddles you will get access to those downloads for free.

19. Is there any way for me to create my own custom templates for my school and curriculum or associated standards?

We are working on that option and will let you know when that is available on the web site. However, if you know what you want, or have an idea you can draw it out on your whiteboard paddle, on a paper, take a picture with your Smartphone and send it to us. We will do our best to recreate it for you.

20. Do I have to create a school account on the KS website to access these organizers? Once we have this option available, we will reach out and let you know how to set up an account.

24. Are there any tips or tricks to facilitate group activities with these paddles?

You can use the different color paddles to group students

Have different templates or graphic organizers for each group then bring the groups back together to compare and contrast their findings

Add QR Codes to a graphic organizers that will then send them to vetted web sites to gather information for later discussion

Pass out certain color paddles one day to students you want to focus on for that day

Split up groups that always work together

Get students of different abilities to work together that might not

Classroom Engagement- yellow paddles hold up answers, blue, green ect…


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