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First Grateful Teacher Winner! Michail Moore

As a teacher owned company, we know how hard everyone works to ensure a quality education. We can’t thank our teachers enough for everything that they do on a daily basis! Last month, KleenSlate hosted a Grateful Teacher Giveaway where contestants nominated a teacher that is making a difference. We were floored with the results! Over the month, we received hundreds of incredible and heartwarming stories of teachers making a difference in the classroom, with their peers, and in the world.


Michail, a 3rd grade teacher from St Paul, Minnesota!

Here’s the story submitted from her boyfriend!

This teacher is my girlfriend of 5 years and the most amazing woman I have ever met.

She’s been an assistant for the last 7 years or so and this year finally got a classroom to herself teaching 3rd grade at a small private Christian school in St. Paul, Minnesota. Aside from being an amazing teacher who gives all of her time and money to the classroom and students, both on and off the clock, she also runs a horse program. This includes wrangling giant draft horses (which is no joke, I’ve “helped” her a few times), hauling tons of hay (400 bails in a day sometimes), shoveling manure, and an endless list of chores that need to be done a few times a week to keep these beautiful beasts healthy and thriving.

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In the summer, she runs a program that allows the classes from her school to come out and have a Horse Day where they learn about horses, go on horse-led wagon rides, and countless other things, all of which demand a lot of time from this wonderful woman. If that weren’t enough, she is also a waitress a few days a week in order to keep some money in her pocket for essentials. Some days she’ll go straight from teaching to waiting tables without even a moment to stop and grab dinner. Then after her shift, she’ll come home exhausted but still find time and energy to work out a lesson plan for the classroom the next day.

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She absolutely loves what she does, even though it can demand so much from her and be quite tiring most days. It is beyond me how she does it day in and day out. I’m in awe of this woman every minute I’m with her, and I think I speak for all of her students when I say that she is an amazing and inspiring individual. It must be fate that I found this drawing, because just this morning she was telling me how she uses dry erase markers daily, but since kids will be kids, the markers are bound to be mistreated and end up drying out, sometimes 1 a day.

Funds are low for supplies, so anything she can get is greatly appreciated and so helpful. Anyway, I hope this is coherent. I’m not as gifted at putting my thoughts into words as others, but if I know anything, it’s that Michail Moore is one heck of woman and deserves anything and everything she can get.

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We are truly grateful to all the amazing teachers out there who sacrifice so much to help our children. Thank you Michail, and we hope you enjoy the whiteboards

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