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GEI Seal of Endorsement!

Since we began KleenSlate, one of our proudest slogans has been, “Invented by a Teacher, for Teachers.” Being a teacher invented company has its advantages. Mainly, we know the problems that teachers face and the solutions they need.
For this reason, earning an endorsement from Global Educational Institute (GEI) is a great honor for us.

Over the years, GEI has been responsible for discovering some of the most effective products for the classroom. By having a network of trusted teachers to review products, GEI has developed a process for finding tools that help children succeed in today’s classroom.  When GEI put our KleenSlate Whiteboard System to the test we were absolutely thrilled. Having an opportunity to test our KleenSlate System in elementary, middle and high school gave us the chance to stand behind our message “any age and any subject”. They also backed up our mission “give every student a voice.”

Dynamic formative assessment

In no time, the GEI verdict was in. KleenSlate was getting a seal or endorsement! The reviewers came back with amazing feedback. Our handheld whiteboards were deemed “a great tool for formative assessment.” Not only that, but an increase in student participation was noted in every classroom. There was also another common thread in every reviewer – Kids loved our whiteboards! At the end of the day GEI reviewers decided that the KleenSlate Customizable Whiteboard won in three categories: Effectiveness, Durability and Value. See what they had to say here http://geiendorsed.com/products/all-in-one-whiteboard-hand-held-system/

We are truly honored and grateful for this seal of approval. GEI provides a trusted service to teachers, and we are humbled to share their mission: Created for teachers, by teachers!


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