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Grateful Teacher Winner! Mrs. Parker!

Grateful Teacher Winner! Mrs. Parker!-students whiteboard

Introducing Mrs. Parker, our second Grateful Teacher Winner.

Mrs. Parker has been teaching for eighteen years and is currently a middle grade math teacher in Washington, DC.

This is what Mrs. Parker’s assistant principal had to say about her:

Mrs. Parker has been an inspiration to everyone on our staff.  She has had to face significant adversity over the past two years, and has done so with grace, perseverance, stamina and tenacity.  Through it all, she has not missed a beat with her students.  She has continued to excel in the classroom and moved her students academically.  She is a middle school math teacher this year and utilizes math groups daily, as well as various whole group activities.  So she would also put these Whiteboards to great use.

We can’t wait to see these whiteboards in Mrs. Parker’s classroom! I’m sure she will make great use of all our Math templates!

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