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Template Tuesdays! FREE My Plate Template

It’s important for kids to understand nutrition. Like why in the heck is my mother always to shove Broccoli down my throat? Why can’t I just eat pizza for every meal of the day? Teaching kids the importance of nutrition empowers kids to make good food choices. KleenSlate’s My Plate Template is a perfect way to begin an exercise in food nutrition. Yes, the Food Pyramid is officially gone!

Example Exercise #1:

Have each student fill out a section of the plate on the customizable template side. Once they fill out one of the sections, they hold up the whiteboards so they can all show off their answers. Maybe you can have them list off as many of that category as they can (Protein: chicken, black beans, steak, turkey, fish etc…). Then for added engagement, have the kids flip our handheld whiteboard around and then draw their favorite foods in that category!. Grilled Cheese? Sorry Timmy. That’s not a vegetable!

Download My Plate Template Here:My Plate Template
Using this template, and our handheld whiteboards is a perfect way to have your student not only memorizing the plate template, but have some fun in the process. Who knows? They might even take an extra bite of green beans because of you.

Do you have an idea for our next template? Please let us know!!! We would love to hear what you need in your classroom, so tell us your ideas in the comments below… Stay turned every Tuesday for a new Template(s)!


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