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My 8th Grade Classroom

Check out this great feedback from an 8th grade teacher:

My students love using the KleenSlate boards. As soon as I showed them the box filled with them, they couldn’t wait until I would pass them out to get started.

The students said the cloth eraser works better than the eraser on the tip of the marker. They like the fact that everything comes together and they won’t lose the erasers like they did with my old dry erase boards. The handle makes it very easy for the students to hold up their responses and then even turn the board so someone sitting to the side or behind them can see it as well.

Today we played the “24 game” and they got a chance to practice their skills with the order of operations as well as compete against one another to be the “first” to hold up their board with the correct answer. They were fighting to see each other’s board to see why that person came in first!

Needless to say, this product surpasses the other boards that are out there. My district has pushed us to the the “smart pal” from EAI which everyone in our building calls “the communicators”. The fact that I have both a dry erase board and a “smart pal” all in one product is perfect.

When using the dry erase boards, I would have to have two at each student’s desk. One that was a plain board and one that was the coordinate grid. Now I have one paddle with both options since I am using the grid template as my primary template in the “sleeve”.

Although there is a constant push for technology and i-pads and chromebooks, it is sometimes the simpler items that make learning fun!

Thank you,
Mrs. J. Turner
Grade 8 – Mathematics
Marlboro Middle School


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