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Our Fourth Grateful Teacher Winner! Lani!

Meet our fourth Grateful Teacher Winner

Meet our fourth Grateful Teacher Winner, Lani, a 1st Grade Teacher from Sandy Elementary School in Utah. Lani has been teaching 1st Grade for 16 years!

Here’s what Lani’s colleague had to say in her nomination entry:

Lani is always so willing and helpful to everyone! She is automatically on your side and welcomes new teachers and students with open arms. She does so much extra for our team by volunteering to take on optional assignments, she is the first one to volunteer to help take over your recess duty or invite your class to join hers when you have an emergency and need to take care of something without having a substitute. She teaches our lowest students and takes the time to make sure every student hears her say “I love you.” She even bakes homemade cinnamon rolls when one of her team mates has a birthday. We are a title 1 school and her small acts of kindness and willingness to go the extra mile makes a huge difference in the lives of her co-workers and the lives of her students! She is well loved by everyone and I know she has been wanting some of these incredible KleenSlates to use with her students.


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