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Spice up spelling with Kleenslate whiteboards!

To spice up weekly spelling lessons introduce some action by using Response Whiteboards. Here are three whiteboard spelling activities that keep students engaged and learning:

Whiteboard Multiple Choice: 

  1. Create a worksheet with one sentence for each spelling word. Leave a blank space for the word. For example: We walked _____ the park on the way to my aunt’s house. Hand out the worksheet.
  2. Read the first sentence aloud and ask for a volunteer to name the spelling word that belongs in the blank.
  3. Give the students three possible spellings of the missing word. Example: a) though b) thru  c) through.  (Prepare an overhead transparency ahead of time with the choices or write them on the chalkboard as you do the activity.)
  4. Have students write the correct spelling of the word on their Response Whiteboards and hold them up.
  5. Show students the correct response.
  6. Students who responded correctly get one point. Students who made the wrong choice should erase and write the correct word.
  7. When all students have written the correct spelling of the missing word, go on to the next sentence.
  8. Create a reward system for high point-getters, such as earning free time or one pass on a future spelling test.

Whiteboard Pre-Test: 

  1. Use Response Whiteboards on pre-test day.
  2. Say each spelling word and ask students to write the word on their Whiteboards.
  3. Ask students to hold up their Whiteboards after writing the word.
  4. Show the correct spelling of word. Tell students who have misspelled the word to write it correctly on a separate piece of paper. This sheet serves as the list of words that will require extra study.
  5. Continue through the list. At the end of the pre-test, ask students to let you know how many words they added to their list for future study. This gives you a tally of words missed for each student.

Whiteboard Spelling Bee:

  1. Use words from all previous spelling tests in an all-class Whiteboard Spelling Bee.
  2. With students in their seats, say a spelling word.
  3. Give students 30 seconds to write the word on their Response Whiteboards.
  4. Have them hold up their Whiteboards.
  5. Students who misspell the word are asked to move and stand to one side of the classroom.
  6. Say the second word. All students — including those against the wall — have 30 seconds to spell the word.
  7. If a student in the group against the wall spells the word correctly, he/she can take his/her seat.
  8. Students at the wall who misspelled the word remain and are joined by the students in their seats who misspelled the second word.
  9. As the number of seated players shrinks to less than half the class, you can focus the game on eliminating only the seated players.
  10. Continue until one student remains seated.

Let us know how you use student Whiteboards to spice up spelling in your classes.


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