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Template of the Week! Multiplication Table!

Math Templates Galore!

This week’s template of the week comes from another math teacher request.

Do you have a template for multiplication lessons?

We do now!

But before we present our new template, we should probably explain how KleenSlate will improve your math class.  Whether your doing multiplication, addition, fraction, or division, our student handheld whiteboards are perfect for rapid-fire math lessons. With our lightweight and intuitive design, your students will be writing and responding quicker than you can say formative assessment. With student whiteboards raised around the room, it’s your turn to check for comprehension. No more hand raising and calling on individual students. This is total participation at its finest! Our whiteboards come in six different colors so you can break your class up into teams, partners, or individual students who need extra attention. However you spin it, KleenSlate is the best assessment tool for Math Class!

So Without further ado… introducing this week’s request:

Multiplication Table.

Simply slide this template into our customizable whiteboard and get started! The best thing is… You’ll never have to make another copy of this chart again. No more waiting each morning at the copy machine! Once you print one template for each student, you are good to go. In fact, your student can use our dry erase sleeve or blank whiteboard side day-after-day without wasting another piece of copy paper. By doing this, you will be saving valuable time and resources, not to mention increase engagement and retention in your classroom. It’s time to give every student a voice in the classroom.

Click here to download!

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