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Template of the Week! Number Bonds!

Math teachers have spoken!

You want more templates for your Customizable Whiteboards!

Wait a second, you don’t know what a customizable whiteboard is? Well, just in case you’ve been hiding under a dusty old chalkboard the last few years, here’s what you’ve been missing. KleenSlate’s handheld whiteboards are THE solution for Formative Assessment in the classroom. They are easy to use, store, clean, and most importantly, extremely fun for your students to write and respond on! If that wasn’t enough, they are durable, lightweight, and now, customizable! That’s because the clear sleeve on our whiteboards allows teacher’s to slide any template that their imagination can conjure. Ten Frame! Pie charts! Fishbone charts!

And now…

We give you Number bonds!

The newest edition to our Free Math Templates.

To download the template for free, click here!

** Check our our BONUS template below!

BONUS!!! Need a Geometry math template? Here’s an extra template for free download! Blank Angle Template! Wahoooo!!! Make sure you stay tuned next week for the next template.

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