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Template Tuesday! Blank Check

Financial Education isn’t always a priority. But it should be! One day, your precious students will soar into the real world to seize their dreams and tackle any obstacles in their path. And regrettably, one of those obstacles might be balancing a checkbook.

Introducing KleenSlate’s Blank Check Template!

Teacher: Well, little Johnny. You’ve never had to balance a checkbook. Welcome to the real world!

Teacher: Well, little Johnny. You’ve never had to balance a checkbook. Welcome to the real world!

But before we teach our kids that being a grown up is all about grocery shopping and car insurance, let’s make balancing a checkbook fun with KleenSlate’s NEW Customizable Whiteboards.

Step 1: Have your student’s think of a dream job. Sky’s the limit. This could be King of Mercropolis. CEO of the Moon. All-star Baseball player or mid-level manager at Hertz Rental car. Wait, what? There isn’t a wrong answer! Now on the blank whiteboard side, have them write out how much they make every month at their fake occupation. Depending on how advanced your class is, you can put a cap on their monthly salary. Another idea would be to construct 10 different occupations with 10 different salaries, and then pass them out to the class. Each student gets a new occupation each time they play.

Step 2: Have your students write out five things they might buy as King of Mercropolis or as CEO of the Moon. Two hundred pizzas from Round Table? A giant box of Fruit Loops? A new Xbox game? How much does each thing cost? Again, if you would like to add more control to this game, you can tell each student the items they are going to buy and how much they cost.

Step 3: Now it’s time to pay up! On our customizable whiteboard side, have each student slide in the Blank Check Template. First, start out with your paycheck. Have each student write out the check from their employer, and then in the transactional section, how much money they are depositing in the bank. Now it’s time to pay the bills. What does two hundreds pizzas from Round Table cost? $1,249 dollars. Oh no! Your paycheck just got eaten in half! You might want to rethink how much pizza you are going to buy.

Going through all five transactions will show students the importance of budgeting, as well as the physical act of writing a check and tracking expenses. The Blank Check can help students develop an appreciation and understanding of money. You never know…Next time your students ask mom and dad for that new video game, they might have a better appreciation of the household budget!

How would you use the new template?

Now for the great price of FREE you can download the Blank Check Template right here! And we appreciate all the amazing feedback from teachers! We promise to keep adding more for you! Click to see what other FREE Templates we have available.

So what’s going to be next for Template Tuesday? Well, that’s up to you! Leave a comment on the blog or Facebook post and help us determine what template we’ll be offering next. Science? Math? English? Spanish? History? With KleenSlate’s customizable whiteboard, It’s all gravy!


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