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Template Tuesday! Periodic Table of Elements

Okay, Science Teachers.

We hear you loud and clear.

You want more templates! This Template Tuesday we are posting KleenSlate’s Periodical Table Template for all you science teachers that are using our handheld whiteboards to increase engagement in your classrooms. Having a blank periodical table to slide into our customizable whiteboards is a chemistry game changer. Mark X on all the Alkaline Earth Metals on the table? Find and label the components of water? Where are the Noble Gases located? Can you show me where Carbon is on the table? The possibilities are endless!

And now presenting… KleenSlate’s, “X Marks The Element(s)”

  1. Have students insert their blank Periodical Table Template into their Customizable Whiteboard.
  2. Put an element or group of elements on the board and have each student find the location on the table, and put the abbreviation(s) in the blank space.
  3. Now hold it up! Did you get it correct?
  4. Now for a bonus. Flip the handheld whiteboard over to the blank side and have the students write the type of element it is, the various traits of that element, and a compound that element appears in. Obviously, the questions can be less or more difficult depending on the level of the class. But this is a surefire way to make the periodical table that much more engaging!

How would you use the new template?

Now for the great price of FREE you can download the Periodic_Table_of_Elements right here! All we ask is that when your kids are reciting the periodical table in their sleep, you give us a cyber high hive. Or a Facebook like on our next post. We’re not picky. We also greatly appreciate all the amazing feedback from science teachers at the trade shows we attend. We promise to keep adding more for you! Click to see what other FREE Templates we have available.

So what’s going to be next for Template Tuesday? Well, that’s up to you! Leave a comment on the blog or Facebook post and help us determine what template we’ll be offering next. Science? Math? English? Spanish? History? With KleenSlate’s customizable whiteboard, It’s all gravy!


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