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Third Grateful Teacher Winner! Mrs. Davis from Andrew Jackson Elementary School!

Introducing Mrs. Davis, our THIRD Grateful Teacher Winner.

Mrs. Davis, our THIRD Grateful Teacher Winner

Mrs. Davis is a Math and Science teacher at Andrew Jackson Elementary School in Tennessee. Before being selected as a Grateful Teacher Winner with KleenSlate, she was also nominated as a Teacher of the Week in her home state. It looks like Mrs. Davis is on a roll! And it’s easy to see why. Here’s what the person who nominated Mrs. Davis had to say about their favorite teacher:

She makes learning so fun for the children. She goes way above and beyond to make sure her students are safe, happy, fed, and are learning. With the teacher shortage at her school, she has stepped up to do double duty to ensure all of the fifth graders can get the math instruction they need to be successful. Ms. Davis teachers to her two classes and the class without a teacher with no complaints of extra work. It’s really amazing.

 Grateful Teacher Winner

Thank you Mrs. Davis for all your hard work! We also loved the quote you gave in your interview with the local news station: “My favorite part about teaching is being able to reach children and when I see that they’re finally getting it, and they just get so excited. That just makes me so excited.”

As a Grateful Teacher Winner, you will receive a classroom set of our customizable whiteboards which is sure to get your kids even more excited. We can’t wait to see all the creative ideas you’ll come up with to utilize the boards for both your Math and Science classes!

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