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Top 4 Reasons KleenSlate is the Best!

What makes KleenSlate’s hand held whiteboards so much better than standard boards?

1. KleenSlate’s hand held, double sided whiteboards with snap-in marker & eraser are all-inclusive. Having the marker with eraser snap into the handle makes it so easy to hand out or pick up in class without wasting time.

2. Our markers with eraser caps are some of the most kid friendly and durable on the market. They are non-toxic, low-odor and the points don’t push in! They will last longer and not stink up your classroom.

3. The handle makes it easier for kids to hold up and respond, as well as for teachers to review the answers… Educators get better results with our hand held whiteboards than with standard boards using the same lesson plans. “Why?” we asked, and teachers told us that kids were just more excited and engaged in the learning while using our colorful and hand held whiteboards.

4. Another big reason is our patented Replacement Sheets. If you have used a normal whiteboard then you have seen that over time the surface will breakdown and become permanently dirty. Ultimately most whiteboards will end up in the trash. Well unlike your standard whiteboard on a desk, KleenSlate’s Replacement Sheets make it easy to resurface your boards and use them for years to come. It’s as easy as putting on a sticker, just peel and stick over old surface and its just like new.

No other whiteboard will be as fun and useful, or last as long as our hand held whiteboards with snap in marker & eraser… Try our kid friendly tools in your classroom and see for yourself why so may teachers are making the switch to KleenSlate.


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