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My 8th Grade Classroom

Check out this great feedback from an 8th grade teacher: My students love using the KleenSlate boards. As soon as I showed them the box filled with them, they couldn’t wait until I would pass them out to get started. The students said the cloth eraser works better than the eraser on the tip ...

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First Grateful Teacher Winner! Michail Moore

As a teacher owned company, we know how hard everyone works to ensure a quality education. We can’t thank our teachers enough for everything that they do on a daily basis! Last month, KleenSlate hosted a Grateful Teacher Giveaway where contestants nominated a teacher that is making a ...

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Grateful Teacher Winner! Mrs. Parker!

Introducing Mrs. Parker, our second Grateful Teacher Winner . Mrs. Parker has been teaching for eighteen years and is currently a middle grade math teacher in Washington, DC. This is what Mrs. Parker’s assistant principal had to say about her: Mrs. Parker has been an inspiration to everyone on...

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Third grateful teacher winner! Mrs. Davis from Andrew jackson elementary school!

INTRODUCING MRS. DAVIS, OUR THIRD GRATEFUL TEACHER WINNER. Mrs. Davis is a Math and Science teacher at Andrew Jackson Elementary School in Tennessee. Before being selected as a Grateful Teacher Winner with KleenSlate, she was also nominated as a Teacher of the Week in her home state. It looks like ...

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Our fourth grateful teacher winner! lani!

Meet our fourth Grateful Teacher Winner, Lani, a 1st Grade Teacher from Sandy Elementary School in Utah. Lani has been teaching 1st Grade for 16 years!

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Our fifth grateful teacher winner! Mrs. Clark!

Meet our fifth Grateful Teacher Winner, Marsha Clark! Mrs. Clark has been teaching for forty years, including the last several years as an assistant principal. She is well loved by her peers and takes great pride in encouraging teachers to reach their full potential! Here’s what one of those...

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