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Do you use Small Groups?

Let’s face it, group work is crucial to student learning! When students are able to verbalize and share their ideas in smaller groups, it makes learning more intimate and engaging. It also gives offers more opportunities for students to share their answers and get valuable feedback. This ...

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Our Fifth Grateful Teacher Winner! Mrs. Clark!

Meet our fifth Grateful Teacher Winner, Marsha Clark! Mrs. Clark has been teaching for forty years, including the last several years as an assistant principal. She is well loved by her peers and takes great pride in encouraging teachers to reach their full potential! Here’s what one of ...

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Third Grateful Teacher Winner! Mrs. Davis from Andrew Jackson Elementary School!

Introducing Mrs. Davis, our THIRD Grateful Teacher Winner. Mrs. Davis is a Math and Science teacher at Andrew Jackson Elementary School in Tennessee. Before being selected as a Grateful Teacher Winner with KleenSlate, she was also nominated as a Teacher of the Week in her home state. It looks ...

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Grateful Teacher Winner! Mrs. Parker!

Introducing Mrs. Parker, our second Grateful Teacher Winner. Mrs. Parker has been teaching for eighteen years and is currently a middle grade math teacher in Washington, DC. This is what Mrs. Parker’s assistant principal had to say about her: Mrs. Parker has been an inspiration to everyone on...

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Template of the Week! Multiplication Table!

Math Templates Galore! This week’s template of the week comes from another math teacher request. Do you have a template for multiplication lessons? We do now! But before we present our new template, we should probably explain how KleenSlate will improve your math class.  Whether your doing ...

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Template of the Week! Number Bonds!

Math teachers have spoken! You want more templates for your Customizable Whiteboards! Wait a second, you don’t know what a customizable whiteboard is? Well, just in case you’ve been hiding under a dusty old chalkboard the last few years, here’s what you’ve been missing. KleenSlate’s ...

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Template Tuesday! Blank Check

Financial Education isn’t always a priority. But it should be! One day, your precious students will soar into the real world to seize their dreams and tackle any obstacles in their path. And regrettably, one of those obstacles might be balancing a checkbook. Introducing KleenSlate’s Blank Check...

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Template Tuesday! Periodic Table of Elements

Okay, Science Teachers. We hear you loud and clear. You want more templates! This Template Tuesday we are posting KleenSlate’s Periodical Table Template for all you science teachers that are using our handheld whiteboards to increase engagement in your classrooms. Having a blank periodical table...

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Template Tuesdays! FREE My Plate Template

It’s important for kids to understand nutrition. Like why in the heck is my mother always to shove Broccoli down my throat? Why can’t I just eat pizza for every meal of the day? Teaching kids the importance of nutrition empowers kids to make good food choices. KleenSlate’s My Plate Template is...

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