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Professional Development

KleenSlate is proud to partner with a group of amazing professional development trainers that include KleenSlate Whiteboards in their training. Here are just a few of the workshops these trainers facilitate.
• Maximizing Your KleenSlate
• Highly Engaged Classrooms
• Developing & Implementing Co-Teaching 
• Practical Strategies and Tools for Educators
+ More!
If you are interested in PD, please reach out to these Professional Development Trainers directly! See information below.

Susan Hentz

Susan Hentz is a renowned consultant, author, and teacher. Susan is an inspiring presenter and dynamic speaker working internationally with administrators, educators, instructional coaches, paraprofessionals, and staff developers. http://www.susanhentz.com

Connie Hamilton

Connie Hamilton Ed.S. is a K-12 curriculum director and educational consultant. Her thorough overview of instructional strategies such as questioning, student engagement and feedback, perfectly align with her experience as a teacher in K-8 classrooms and principal at both the elementary and secondary levels.

Anne Beninghof

An internationally recognized consultant and trainer, Anne has more than 33 years of experience in the field of education. Currently, Anne co-teaches part-time to design instruction for heterogeneous classrooms. http://www.ideasforeducators.com/

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