We are proud to introduce the NEW KleenSleeve & Interchangeable Templates! Now the paddle is totally customizable and more dynamic than ever

Award-winning dry erase products are fun, interactive tools with immediate impact in many settings: classrooms, homes, business,travel and more.

Durable, 2-sided dry-erase paddles are a low-tech educational tool that saves time, increases student engagement and raises test scores… It’s the most dynamic formative assessment tool for the classroom

Use KleenSlate dry erase markers with attachable erasers to enhance business meetings and training workshops.

KleenSlate makes communication possible in difficult situations with our NEW Patient Communication Kit. Including a Paddle w/marker and KleenSleeve as well as a Personal Item Tray.

Kid-friendly dry erase markers with erasers caps are made to last. Certified non-toxic, low-odor and the points don’t push in!

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